Chapter 2. System Monitoring With StatsD

Table of Contents

Overview of StatsD
Enabling StatsD
Viewing Your System's Statistics
Statistics Listing

Overview of StatsD

You can install StatsD to monitor the performance of your system in real time.

Figure 2.1, “StatsD Monitoring Protocol” shows a simple flow chart that depicts the StatsD monitoring protocol.

Figure 2.1. StatsD Monitoring Protocol

StatsD Monitoring Protocol

StatsD is a fast, lightweight system monitor and can use many third party tools for storing the statistics it collects (e.g. Graphite) and for displaying the statistics as graphs (for e.g. using Grafana).

Examples of metrics that StatsD can monitor include:

  • Number of report pages rendered
  • Number of JDBC rows accessed
  • Servlet response time
  • Number of Job Engines
  • System RAM and CPU loads

For more information on StatsD, see