Viewing Your System's Statistics

If you do not already have a StatsD monitoring solution, you can install a pre-packaged, easy to use, uncomplicated docker image that contains StatsD, Graphite, Grafana and a Kamon Dashboard, all set up, from

If you want to run this image, ensure that your system is 64-bit.

To add the statistical parameters to the dashboard, and to view the graphs:

  1. Start the docker image, open your browser and navigate to localhost to load the Grafana home page.
  2. Create a new dashboard.
  3. Click the Configure Row icon and then add a new graph panel.
  4. Add a title for the panel as shown in Figure 2.2, “Adding a Graph Panel”.

    Figure 2.2. Adding a Graph Panel

    Adding a Graph Panel
  5. Click Add Panel to add the panel to the dashboard.
  6. Click Close to return to the dashboard.
  7. Click the Expand Row icon to expand your newly added row.
  8. Click the row title and select Edit.
  9. From the Metrics tab, add the statistic to be retrieved and displayed, as shown by the example in Figure 2.3, “Adding the Metrics”.

    Note that as you select each component of the statistic, the system filters and displays only the appropriate choices for the next component.

    Figure 2.3. Adding the Metrics

    Adding the Metrics
  10. Click the Back to Dashboard link on the top, to return to your dashboard. The added statistic is displayed, as shown by the example in Figure 2.4, “Displaying the Added Statistic”.

    Figure 2.4. Displaying the Added Statistic

    Displaying the Added Statistic
  11. Click Add a Row and repeat the process to add a new statistic to the dashboard.

An example of a completed dashboard is shown in Figure 2.5, “Completed Dashboard”.

Figure 2.5. Completed Dashboard

Completed Dashboard