Statistics Listing

The following table lists the performance metrics that can be monitored.

Table 2.1. Performance Metrics

stats.counters.ambience.dacapo.indexer.fileCounts the number of files that have been indexed. the number of files that dacapo has read from the underlying file store. the number of files that dacapo has written to the underlying file store.
stats.counters.ambience.vivace.write.countCounts the number of files that vivace has written to the disk.
stats.counters.ambience.vivace.write.rateDenotes the rate of change. For example, 10 nodes per second.
stats.gauges.ambience.cluster.metrics.localhost.[numbers].loadMeasures the CPU load of the machine running JVM on port [numbers].
stats.gauges.ambience.cluster.metrics.localhost.[numbers].ramMeasures the amount of RAM used by the machine running JVM on port [numbers].
stats.timers.ambience.job.infowatcher.time.[metric]Measures the time taken for the job engine to process each request.

Counts are not cumulative - for example if six nodes are written in 10 seconds and then eight in the next ten seconds, you will get a chart showing 6, 8. Ten seconds is the default StatsD count interval.