Chapter 5. Using Elixir Tempo

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Elixir Tempo is a database for storing fast changing time-series data. Examples of such data where values change over time include:

  • Sensor readings (Gauge)
  • Continuous Throughput (Counter)
  • Rate of Change (Derive)
  • Per-read throughput (Absolute)

Data is stored in a Round Robin Database (RRD).

Figure 5.1, “Round Robin Database” shows an example of the RRD.

Figure 5.1. Round Robin Database

Round Robin Database

A field in an RRD is defined by the size of a step (here 1 minute) and the number of steps in a row (here 10).

This RRD only holds 10 minutes of data; the 11th minute will wrap-around and overwrite the first slot.

You can consolidate data as shown in example: Figure 5.2, “Consolidate Data”:

Figure 5.2. Consolidate Data

Consolidate Data