Figure 5.3, “Tempo Integration” shows an example of integrating Elixir Tempo.

Figure 5.3. Tempo Integration

Tempo Integration

Authentication can be done using one of the three methods as shown in Figure 5.4, “Tempo Authentication” :

Figure 5.4. Tempo Authentication

Tempo Authentication

RRD definitions are stored in .tempo files. Restart the server after you change any .tempo file.

Graph styling information is stored in .graph files, and is automatically reloaded if changed. You do not need to restart the server.

Figure 5.5, “Tempo Graph” shows an example of graph styles in Elixir Tempo.

Figure 5.5. Tempo Graph

Tempo Graph

The RRD inspector allows you to inspect every detail of each RRD as shown in Figure 5.6, “Tempo RRD Inspector”.

Figure 5.6. Tempo RRD Inspector

Tempo RRD Inspector

APIs for adding fields to RRDs, and for importing and exporting data from RRDs are available.