Chapter 6. Using Views

Table of Contents

Creating Views

Creating Views

The View Tool editor allows you to create custom views for Ad Hoc Dashboard.

To create a view:

  1. Click View Tool from your dashboard to open the View Tool editor. This is shown in Figure 6.1, “View Tool Button”.

    Figure 6.1. View Tool Button

    View Tool Button
  2. Click New View Type from the View Editor. This is shown in Figure 6.2, “View Type Button”.

    Figure 6.2. View Type Button

    View Type Button
  3. Enter a name for the view and optionally select a template, if any, that closely matches the view that you want to create. This is shown in Figure 6.3, “Select Template”.

    Figure 6.3. Select Template

    Select Template
  4. The code editor opens as shown in Figure 6.2, “View Type Button”. You use HTML and JSON code to create the views. Enter your code as appropriate.

    Figure 6.4. View Code Editor

    View Code Editor
  5. When you create a view from a template, the view will inherit all the tabs of the template. To edit the inherited tabs, edit the code in the View JSON tab, as shown in

    Figure 6.5. Edit Tab Code

    Edit Tab Code
  6. Preview your view by clicking the Edit Preview tab.
  7. Click Save to save your view code.
  8. You need to publish your view to use it in Ad Hoc Dashboard. Click Publish to publish your view.