Elixir Ambience Installation Guide

Release 3.5.0

Elixir Technology Pte Ltd

All rights reserved.

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Table of Contents

1. Generic Installation Process
System Requirements
Software Requirements
Hardware Requirements
Setting the Hostname and DNS Record
Enabling Symbolic Links
Obtaining Elixir Ambience
Generic Installation Instructions
2. Installation on Linux
Installation on Debian Linux
3. Installation on Macintosh
Installing Ambience on Macintosh OS
Stopping and Starting the Ambience Service on Macintosh OS
Starting Ambience Designer on Macintosh OS
4. Installation on Windows
Running as a Windows Service
5. Changing your Java Version
Using a Specific Version of Java

List of Figures

1.1. Licence Page
3.1. Ambience Installer
3.2. Enter Administrator Credentials - Ambience Installer
3.3. Installation Summary
3.4. Confirmation Dialog - Stop Ambience Service
3.5. Enter Administrator User Name - Ambience Service
3.6. Enter Administrator Password - Ambience Service
3.7. Start the Ambience Service
4.1. Windows Installer Files
4.2. Windows Installer Files