Service Chooser


The Service Chooser module provides a quick way to navigate through all available modules and to easily access recently visited pages.


  • Navigate to recently visited pages
  • View messages
  • Navigate to accessible Ambience module interfaces

Module Interfaces

Interface Description Required Privilege
Service Chooser Provides easy navigation of all accessible modules, quick access to recently visited pages, and immediate access to important messages mod-service-chooser

Navigate to Recently Visited Pages

This panel displays the list of pages of certain modules that were last visited by the currently logged in user, with the most recently visited listed first.

Records in management modules that can be directly accessed through a URL on Ambience are added here, if recently visited. Some of the modules included are the Dashboard, ETL, and GIS Explorer modules.

The name of the module and given name of the item are displayed.

<module mame>:<module record name>

The option to delete all listed items on this panel is also available. Clicking on the Clear History button clears the list.

View Messages

This panel displays all the messages sent to the currently logged in user through the Messages module. The messages are displayed in chronological order, with the latest one listed first.

Clicking on the record redirects the user to the Messages Module.

Navigate to Ambience Modules

This panel displays all the Ambience modules accessible to the currently logged in user. Obtaining access to a module can be done through the Role Management and/or User Management modules.

Clicking on the record redirects the user to the selected module’s interface.