The Exports module provides an easy way to export data from MongoDB that Ambience has access to. The exported data can be in various forms (e.g. JSON, BSON, CSV, Excel, etc.).

Module Interfaces

Interface Description Required Privilege
Exports Allows Export page access mod-export
Exports Allows export mod-export-moderator


The Export page allows you to export not only the desired data collection from MongoDB, but also select the fields and the data records that you need. The Export page is divided into three sections:

  • Select data collection
  • Discard unwanted fields
  • Filter data records

Select Data Collection

In this section, you select the data collection from the database and define the file format of the data to be exported.

To export the data, select the appropriate database from the drop-down list in the “Database” field. In the “Collection” field, select the desired data collection. Select the file format to export in the “Export As” field. By default, the "Discard _metadata“ field is selected, which will remove all ”_metadata“ fields from the output data. If you want to retain the metadata, unselect this field. You can opt to zip and compress the output file by selecting the ”GZip Compression" field.

Discard Unwanted Fields

In the Schema section, you can select the fields that you do not want and discard them from the output data.

By default, no fields are selected. For example, you can select "_id (Id)“ in the ”Discard" field to remove this field from the data collection that you want to export.

Filter Data Records

In the Filters section, you can filter, remove or retain the data records.

In the first textbox, select the desired field and select the appropriate filter from the drop-down list. Key in the value in the last textbox (case-sensitive). You can add more filters by clicking on the “+” icon at the upper right corner of the section. To remove the filter, click on the “Delete” icon at the end of the filter. If all data records are to be exported, ensure the filter is empty. You can do so by clicking on the icon to clear the edits. Then click on the “Export” button to avoid accidentally removing any data records.

In the example above, only data records that contain the value “South” in the “Region” field will be retained. After setting up the filters, click on the “Export” button to export the desired data.