Elixir Universe

Release 3.5.0

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
What is a Universe?
2. Universe Types
JDBC Universe
Repository Universe
3. Creating a Universe
Before You Begin
Creating a JDBC Universe
Creating a Repository Universe
Creating a Stave Universe
4. Universe Designer Walkthrough
Universe Designer
Examining Table Structure
Setting Attributes
Transforming Data
Examining Output Data
Inspecting Column Data
Viewing the Summary of Data
Exporting the Output Data
5. Using the Universe Designer
Repository Universe
Adding a New Table
Importing a Data Source
Settings Tab
Exporting the Universe
Setting the Universe Access Permissions
JDBC Repository
Configuring a Connection Pool
Adding Tables
Pasting Tables
Viewing SQL
Other Actions
Stave Repository
Mapping Stave Columns to Logical Tables
Operations on Stave

List of Figures

3.1. Menu to Add a Universe
3.2. Adding a JDBC Universe
3.3. Adding a Repository Universe
3.4. Adding a Stave Universe
3.5. Selecting a Stave Table
4.1. Universe Example
4.2. Examining Table Structure
4.3. Setting Attributes
4.4. Adding Transforms
4.5. Examining Output Data
4.6. Inspecting Column Data
4.7. Viewing the Data Summary
5.1. Universe Designer
5.2. Selecting a Data Source - Repository Universe
5.3. Adding a Column
5.4. Adding a Column Value
5.5. Importing a Data Source
5.6. Viewing a Schema
5.7. Setting Table Attributes
5.8. Setting Column Attributes
5.9. Setting Column Security
5.10. Rows Tab
5.11. Inspector Tab
5.12. Summary Tab
5.13. Exporting the Universe
5.14. Mapping the Universe
5.15. Setting the Universe Access Permissions
5.16. Universe Designer for a JDBC Universe
5.17. Configuring the Connection Pool
5.18. Universe Designer for a Stave Universe
5.19. Table Mapping for a Stave Universe
5.20. Mapped Table for a Stave Universe