Elixir Administration Tools

Release 4.0.0

Elixir Technology Pte Ltd

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Table of Contents

1. Elixir Administration Tools
Unused Files
Unused Sessions
Configuring JDBC Drivers
Universe Mapping
Universe Access
2. System Monitoring With StatsD
Overview of StatsD
Enabling StatsD
Viewing Your System's Statistics
Statistics Listing

List of Figures

1.1. System
1.2. Libraries
1.3. Refresh Job Engine Jars
1.4. Universe
1.5. Add Universe
1.6. Publish Template Dashboard
1.7. Publish Template Report
1.8. Universe Access
2.1. StatsD Monitoring Protocol
2.2. Adding a Graph Panel
2.3. Adding the Metrics
2.4. Displaying the Added Statistic
2.5. Completed Dashboard

List of Tables

1.1. Output Types for Report Rendering
1.2. JDBC Target Configurations
1.3. JMS Target Configurations
1.4. Mail Target Configurations
1.5. PDF Signer Target Configuration
1.6. Print Target Configurations
1.7. Repository Target Configurations
1.8. S3 Target Configurations
1.9. SFTP Target Configurations
1.10. Socket Target Configurations
1.11. Repository User Home Target Configurations
2.1. Performance Metrics