The Repository module provides a simple interface for a user to store files and to share the files with other users. It allows the user to limit read/write access of other users to the files the user uploads.

Module Interfaces

Interface Description Required Privilege
Repository Allows access to Repository page. mod-repository
Repository Allows repository administrator access. mod-repository-admin
DocX Engine Allows DocX Report Engine access. mod-docx-engine
RML Engine Allows RML Engine access. mod-rml-engine
DS Engine Allows DS Engine access. mod-ds-engine

The optional DocX and RML Engine privileges allows you to render their respective reports, while the DS engine allows you to generate JSON, CSV or XLSX output file from a datasource file.

Page Interface

The Repository module page can be divided into the several parts.

Item Description
Home Icon Brings you back to the default folder User/<Your Username>.
Path Displays the path of selected folder or file.
Each sub-folders are clickable and will display the content in the folder when clicked.
Refresh Icon Refreshes the page.
Content Panel Displays the contents of the selected folder.
Action Panel
File Details /
Drag files here
If a file is selected, displays the details of the file.
If a folder is selected, allows drag-and-drop files into the folder.
Available Actions Displays the available actions for the selected folder or file (may vary).

Access Control

Access control allows you to define which folder and/or files you wish to share with other users in the Repository module.

In the Repository module, there are two permanent folders, /User and /Temp. These folders cannot be deleted. By default, all users have read access to these two folders, while administrator has read and write access. Once you are given privilege to access the Repository module, a folder will be automatically created, using your username under the read-only /User folder. This folder cannot be deleted as well.

Normal users are not able to see or access the folders or files of other users under their username, unless given the access rights by that user. Only administrators with the mod-repository-admin privilege have read and write access of the folders and files of all users. This privilege is important, in the case where an employee left a company without assigning the folders or files to others, the administrator can access these folders and files and allocate them to the next owner.

By default, the access control is defined at the <Username> folder, with read and write access. The sub-folders uses the defined access control of its parent folder, unless being defined at its level.

If you wish to grant read access of a sub-folder to another user, the reader access of the parent folder must be first given to the user. This will enable the user to “see” the parent folder. If the sub-folders follows the access control of its parent folder, the user will be have the read access to the sub-folder. All files in these folders will be readable to the user as well.

For example, UserA has two sub-folders (ProjectA and ProjectB) in the /User/UserA/ folder, in which UserA wish to UserB to have read access to ProjectA folder only.
First, UserA need to grant UserB read access to the UserA folder. That will allow UserB to have read access to the UserA folder and the sub-folders under it, as the sub-folders uses the defined access control of its parent folder.

At the ProjectB folder, remove the read access for UserB. Hence UserB can access the UserA folder and ProjectA sub-folder that UserA want UserB to access, hiding the ProjectB sub-folder. For more details ion how to define access control, refer to Actions.

Available Actions

The available actions in the left panel varies according to the type of folder or file being selected.

Actions for Folders

The typical available actions for a folder is shown below.

Action Description
Drop files here Drag and drop any files into selected folder.
Overwrite on Drop If selected, allows overwriting an existing file.
If unselected, error message will appear if attempt to upload file with same file name.
Add Folder… Adds new folder.
Copy Folder… Copies folder to a target location.
Move Folder… Moves folder to a target location.
Rename Folder… Renames current folder.
Upload… Uploads specified file to current folder.
Upload Archive… Unzips and uploads specified zip file to current folder.
Download Zip Downloads selected folder and its sub-folders and files into a zip file.
Only folders and files that are granted access are downloaded.
Access Control… Edits or create access control of current folder to other users.
Delete Folder… Deletes current folder and files in it.
Delete Multiple Files… Deletes multiple files/folders at the same time.

Actions for Files

The typical available actions for a file is shown below. Different file type may have different available actions.

Action Description
Render… Creates a report from the selected DocX or RML file.
Generate… Generates a JSON/CSV/XLSX file from the selected DS file.
Edit Tags… Edits the tag of selected file.
Copy File… Copies file to a target location.
Move File… Moves file to a target location.
Rename File… Renames current file.
Access Control… Edits or create access control of current file to other users.
Download Downloads selected file.
Delete Deletes selected file.

Refer to Actions for more details.