Elixir Ad-hoc Report

Release 4.0.0

Elixir Technology Pte Ltd

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Report Level Actions
Creating an Ad-hoc Report
Filtering Information
Saving an Ad-hoc Report
Viewing an Ad-hoc Report
Publishing an Ad-hoc Report
Deleting an Ad-hoc Report
Band Level Actions
Creating a Band
Moving a Band
Deleting a Band
2. Information Band
Adding a Date element
Adding an Image element
Adding a Section element
Adding a SVG element
Adding a Text element
Adding User information
3. Table Band
Adding Groups
Adding Fields
Searching Information
4. Chart Band
Common Properties
Pie Chart
Bar Chart
Column Chart
Line Chart
Area Chart
Scatter Chart
Exporting a Chart as an Image
5. Pivot Band
Exporting a Pivot as a CSV, PNG or PDF File
6. IFrame
7. Section Break
8. Report Walkthrough - Creating Your Report

List of Figures

1.1. Report Main Screen
1.2. Select Filter Columns
1.3. Enable Filters
1.4. Report Bands
2.1. Report Elements for the Information Band
2.2. Date Element for the Information Band
2.3. Date Output for the Information Band
2.4. Image Element for the Information Band
2.5. Section Element for the Information Band
2.6. SVG Element for the Information Band
2.7. Text Element for the Information Band
2.8. Text Element Editor for the Information Band
2.9. User Element for the Information Band
3.1. Export to CSV
3.2. Report Elements for the Table Band
3.3. Column Chooser for the Table Band
3.4. Group Output for the Table Band
3.5. Field Output for the Table Band
3.6. Search Table Band
3.7. Search Table Criteria
4.1. Report Elements for the Chart Band
4.2. Data Properties
4.3. General Properties
4.4. Background Properties
4.5. Title Properties
4.6. Legend Properties
4.7. Value Properties
4.8. Pie Chart
4.9. Pie Chart With Format None
4.10. Pie Chart With Format Key
4.11. Pie Chart With Format Key:Value
4.12. Pie Chart With Format Key:Value%
4.13. Pie Chart With Format Value
4.14. Pie Chart With Format Value%
4.15. Bar Chart
4.16. Stacked Bar Chart
4.17. Unstacked Bar Chart
4.18. Bar Chart Spacing
4.19. Horizontal Axis
4.20. Vertical Axis
4.21. Column Chart
4.22. Line Chart
4.23. Area Chart
4.24. Scatter Chart
4.25. Scatter Chart Bubble Properties
4.26. Export as Image Icon
5.1. Example of a Pivot Report
5.2. Exporting a Pivot
6.1. Example of an IFrame
8.1. Create Ad-hoc Report
8.2. Select Repository Location
8.3. System Creates a Blank Report
8.4. Setting up the Information Band
8.5. Setting up the Table Title
8.6. Setting up Groups
8.7. Setting up Fields
8.8. Sample Report