Very often, it is desired to generate reports at regular intervals, such as weekly, monthly, or even hourly reports. The Scheduler module allows you to set up jobs to automatically trigger the generation of these reports. The Scheduler module also allows you to view the status of the job, or sent an email to you, if it is being set up. Do note that only the owner of the job can view and edit the job.

The Scheduler module consists of three pages:

  • Status
    • Shows the status of the job triggers that have run or are currently running (shows last 200)
  • Trigger
    • Lists all jobs that are available for the owner
    • Users can add new triggers
    • Owners are able to edit and delete the triggers created by them
  • Calendar
    • Lists all constraints shared among the triggers
    • Users are able to add, edit and delete calendar constraints

Module Interfaces

Interface Description Required Privilege
Status, Trigger Allows adding and modifying trigger, as well as viewing the status of jobs. mod-scheduler
Calendar Allows adding, modifying and deleting calendar. mod-scheduler-calendar