Output Panel

The Output Panel is the third panel in the ETL Designer page and it displays the list of execution records of all chains in the chainset. Chains can be run in entirety or partially.

Below are the different components of the panel:

No. Description
1 Allows inverting selected and deselected output records.
2 Provides more actions that can be performed.
3 Checkbox indicating that the chain is selected.
4 The name of the chain that was executed is displayed. If chain was partially executed, the name of the chain would be appended with the range of steps that were included in the run (e..g. 1-1); the range of the included steps are referred to by the order by which they appear in the chain sequence. If the entire chain is executed, only the name of the chain is displayed.
5 Number of records resulting after the last step is executed. This corresponds to the number of records displayed in the Results panel.
6 Indicates which run is in focus. Selecting the step displays its results in the Results panel.

On this panel, the following features are available:

  • sort output/execution record
  • delete record
  • refresh list

Refresh Output

To refresh the list click on the More Actions button. Select the Refresh option. This is particularly useful when the step happens to be executed separately, in a different session, for instance. Doing so will make the results easily available to the current view.

Delete Output

One or more steps can be deleted at once. To select records, tick on the corresponding checkboxes. Click on the More Actions button then select the Delete option. This permanently deletes the execution record/s selected.

Sort Output

The execution records can be sorted according to time of execution in descending order or by name in ascending order. By default, the records are sorted by time, with the most recent record appearing on top. The current sorting method is also indicated by a tick as displayed in the sample below: