Elixir Data Designer User Manual

Release 3.5.0

Elixir Technology Pte Ltd

All rights reserved.

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Table of Contents

1. About Elixir Data Designer
Features of Elixir Data Designer
Datasource Security
2. The Elixir Data Designer Workspace
Case Study
3. JDBC DataSource
JDBC Drivers
ODBC Connectivity
JDBC DataSource Wizard
JDBC DataSource Details
JDBC Properties
JDBC Options
Infer Schema
Connection Pools
Working with a JDBC DataSource
Using the JDBC/ODBC bridge driver
Using a Callable Statement
Using JNDI Connectivity
Working with a Connection Pool
Configuring JDBC Properties
4. Composite DataSource
Adding a Composite DataSource
Standard Diagram Operations
Moving the processors
Flow Connection Nodes
Data Processors
DataSource Processor
Join Processor
Working with Joins
Sort Processor
Group On Options
Working With Sort processors
Derivative Processor
Working with the Derivative processor
Filter Processor
Combining Filters
Working with Filters
Concat Processor
Working with Concat Processor
Parameter Processor
Working with Parameter processor
SubFlow Processor
DataDrop Processor
Cube Processor
Working with the Cube Processor
DataStore Processor
CSV File
Connection Pool
Custom Java DataStore
Excel File
Google Spreadsheet
Text File
XML File
Composite JavaScript
Case Study
5. Excel DataSource
Excel DataSource Wizard
Working with Excel DataSource
Adding Data in a Single Worksheet
Adding Data in Multiple Worksheets
Passing Dynamic Parameters
6. Text DataSource
Text DataSource Wizard
Working with Text DataSource
Using Separator Characters
Defining a URL with a Dynamic Parameter
Using Fixed Width Columns
Using Regular Expressions
Using Start and Stop Expressions
7. XML DataSource
XML DataSource Wizard
Use of Merge
Subtree Optimization
Search in XPath Builder
Working with XML DataSources
8. Properties DataSource
Properties DataSource Wizard
Working with Properties DataSources
Testing the Data Flow
Passing Parameters to the Flow
9. Reference DataSource
Reference DataSource Wizard
Working with a Reference DataSource
Wrapping an Excel DataSource
Wrapping a Composite DataSource
10. Object DataSource
The Classpath
Object DataSource Wizard
Manual Creation
Object DataSource API
Working with Object DataSources
Working with JSON Files
11. LDAP DataSource
LDAP DataSource Wizard
Working with LDAP DataSource
12. Filesystem DataSource
Filesystem DataSource Wizard
Filesystem Schema
13. Tabular DataSource
Tabular DataSource Wizard
14. Random DataSource
Random DataSource Wizard
15. ARFF DataSource
ARFF DataSource Wizard
16. Cache DataSource
Cache DataSource Wizard
17. DBF DataSource
DBF DataSource Wizard
18. Binary DataSource
Binary DataSource Wizard
19. Google Spreadsheet DataSource
Google Spreadsheet DataSource Wizard
20. Form DataSource
Form DataSource Wizard
A. Dynamic Parameters
Dynamic Parameters
Dynamic Parameter Elements
Dynamic Parameter Names
Dynamic Parameter Types
Ordering Dynamic Parameters
Dynamic Parameters with a Nested DataSource
Example Declaration of Dynamic Parameters.
B. Samples

List of Figures

1.1. Set Security Options
2.1. Basic Data Workspace
2.2. Composite Data Workspace
2.3. New DataSource
2.4. Define Text DataSource - Page One
2.5. Define Text DataSource - Page Two
3.1. Create New Data Source
3.2. Select Database
3.3. JDBC DataSource Wizard
3.4. JDBC Properties
3.5. Define JDBC DataSource
3.6. Elixir Query Builder
3.7. Callable Tab
3.8. Define DataSource Options
3.9. Define DataSource Schema
3.10. Connection Pool Wizard
3.11. Connection Pool JDBC Properties
3.12. Right-click on Connection Pool
3.13. Datasource Wizard
3.14. JNDI Values
4.1. Composite DataSource
4.2. Result Wizard
4.3. DataSource Wizard
4.4. Sample Flow
4.5. Join Wizard
4.6. Sample Join Flow
4.7. Join Wizard
4.8. Inner Join Result
4.9. Outer Join Result
4.10. Cross Join Result
4.11. Sort Wizard
4.12. Add Sort Item
4.13. Extract Options
4.14. Sample Sort Flow
4.15. Sort Dialog
4.16. Group on - Each Result
4.17. Group on - All Result
4.18. Group on - Range Result
4.19. Group on - Range by Country Result
4.20. Completed Sort Dialog
4.21. Derivative Wizard
4.22. Add Column Dialog
4.23. Sample Derivative Flow
4.24. Completed Add Column Dialog
4.25. Derived Result
4.26. Completed Add Column Screen
4.27. Date Manipulations Result
4.28. Filter Wizard
4.29. Sample Filter Flow
4.30. Filter Result
4.31. Concat Wizard
4.32. Sample Concat Flow
4.33. Parameter Wizard
4.34. Completed Properties DataSource
4.35. Sample Parameter Flow
4.36. Parameter Result
4.37. SubFlow Sample
4.38. Input Wizard
4.39. Remove Duplicates Processor
4.40. Validation Processor
4.41. Invert Data Processor
4.42. Javascript Processor
4.43. Map Field Wizard
4.44. SQL Processor Wizard
4.45. Sample DataDrop Flow
4.46. Sample DataDrop Sub Flow
4.47. Cube Wizard
4.48. Add Hierarchy
4.49. Cube Axes Screen
4.50. Cube Measures Screen
4.51. Add Measure Dialog
4.52. Cube - Show Row Grand Totals
4.53. Cube - Show Column Grand Totals
4.54. Cube - Row Totals After Details
4.55. Cube - Column Totals After Details
4.56. Cube Axes - Edit Level
4.57. Cube Options
4.58. Sample Cube Flow
4.59. Infer Schema Screen
4.60. Cube Result
4.61. Sample Datastore Flow
4.62. Binary DataStore
4.63. CSV Output
4.64. DataStore Wizard - Connection Pool
4.65. Custom Java Option Screen
4.66. Excel Output
4.67. Google Spreadsheet DataStore - User
4.68. Google Spreadsheet DataStore - URLs
4.69. Stave Datastore
4.70. Append Records Option - Stave Datastore
4.71. XML Output
4.72. Case Study Composite Diagram
4.73. View Cube Output
5.1. Excel DataSource Wizard
5.2. Excel DataSource Wizard
5.3. EmpInfo.xls
5.4. Define Name
5.5. Completed DataSource Wizard
5.6. Result
5.7. EmpDetail.xls
5.8. Define Name
5.9. Completed DataSource Wizard
5.10. Result
5.11. EmpDet.xls
5.12. Define Name
5.13. Completed DataSource Wizard
5.14. Dynamic Parameters
5.15. Emp1_Small Result
5.16. Emp1_All Result
6.1. Define Text DataSource
6.2. Separator Type Properties
6.3. Fixed Width Type Properties
6.4. Regular Expression Type Properties
6.5. Regular Expression Designer
6.6. Sample Text DataSource
6.7. Dynamic Parameters
6.8. Fixed Width Sample
6.9. Log file
6.10. Regular Expression Designer
7.1. An XML Tree
7.2. Define XML DataSource
7.3. Choosing the XPath Builder
7.4. Merge Space
7.5. Merge Group
7.6. XPath Builder
7.7. XPaths Completed
7.8. XML DataSource Schema
7.9. DataSource Results
8.1. Properties DataSource Wizard
8.2. Add Column
8.3. Text DataSource Parameters
8.4. Properties DataSource
8.5. Derivative Wizard
8.6. Test Output
8.7. Full Output
8.8. Prop_Emp1
8.9. Filter Wizard
8.10. Output
9.1. Reference DataSource Wizard
9.2. Reference DataSource Wizard Page Two
9.3. Empdata.xls
9.4. Define Name
9.5. Excel DataSource Sample
9.6. Reference a DataSource
9.7. Sample Output
9.8. Filter Condition
9.9. Sample Reference
10.1. Object DataSource Wizard
10.2. JavaScript Editor
10.3. Sample JSON file
10.4. Load data from JSON file
11.1. LDAP DataSource Wizard
11.2. Security Parameters
11.3. LDAP DataSource Schema
11.4. LDAP Datasource Wizard
11.5. Completed Datasource Wizard
11.6. Organization Result
12.1. Filesystem DataSource Wizard
13.1. Tabular DataSource Wizard
13.2. Tabular DataSource Wizard Page Two
14.1. Random DataSource Wizard
14.2. Edit Column
15.1. ARFF DataSource Wizard
15.2. Define ARFF Schema
16.1. Cache DataSource Wizard
16.2. Cache DataSource Parameters
17.1. DBF DataSource Wizard
17.2. Enter DBF Schema
18.1. Binary DataSource Wizard
18.2. Enter Binary Schema
19.1. Google Spreadsheet DataSource Wizard - User
19.2. Google Spreadsheet DataSource Wizard - URLs
19.3. Enter Google Spreadsheet Schema

List of Tables

4.1. Filter Criteria