Elixir Domain Configuration and Administration

Release 4.0.0

Elixir Technology Pte Ltd

All rights reserved.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Logging In
Overview Page
Adding a Domain Manager User
Editing a Domain Manager User
Deleting a Domain Manager User
2. Configuration
Configuration Samples
Configuration Example
Setting up a Print Engine
3. Login Configuration
Setting the Password Policy
Disabling Parallel Logins
Setting the Password Validity
Setting the Session Expiry Time
Redirecting a User to the Login Page When Credentials are not Available
4. Repository
Adding a File Store
Adding a S3 Store
Editing a Store
Compacting a Store
Deleting a Store
Adding a FileSystem
Making a FileSystem Searchable
Deleting a FileSystem
Indexing a FileSystem
Backing up data
Restoring data
5. Licence
Adding the Elixir Ambience Licence

List of Figures

1.1. Elixir Ambience Main Page
1.2. Domain Manager Login Link
1.3. Domain Manager Login Screen
1.4. Overview Page
1.5. Users Page
1.6. Add Users
2.1. Domain Configuration Page
2.2. Admin Mail From Address Configuration
2.3. Domadmin User Configuration
2.4. Job Engine Configuration
2.5. Job Constraints
3.1. Disabling Parallel Login in the Windows Version
3.2. Disabling Parallel Logins
3.3. Setting the Password Validity
3.4. Password Expired Warning
3.5. Setting the Session Expiry Time
3.6. Error When Not Logged into Ambience
3.7. Redirect Login Configuration
3.8. Ambience Login Page
3.9. Successfully Redirected
3.10. Return Link
4.1. Repository Page
4.2. Add File Store
4.3. Add S3 Store
4.4. Add FileSystem
5.1. Filing in the Elixir Ambience Licence

List of Tables

2.1. Configuration Tree