Info Filter

The Info filter control allows you to set up the information of a pin. The information is displayed on the Information Panel instead of the Filter Control Panel.

The information for each pin can differ, depending on the set up of the Info filter control for each pin.

Viewer Usage

Click on any pin that will trigger the Info filter control. The Information Panel will appear at the bottom of the page. The information in the panel will depends on the settings of the Info filter control, may differ from one pin to another.

You can use this Information Panel to filter the pins on the map. For example, if you wish to filter pins with the value “French” in the field “Race”, select the checkbox next to the “Race” field. The map will now shows you all pins that has the value “French” in the “Race” field.

Control Properties

Below are the fields for the Info Filter Control:

Field Description Mandatory Input Type Constraints Default Value
Type Selects the type of filter control. Y Drop-down list Select from drop-down list “Pin Filter”
Name Unique name of the filter control. Y Text field Any text “[New Control]”
Dataset Dataset to be used in the filter. Y Drop-down list Select from drop-down list None
Subset Subset of the dataset selected. Y Drop-down list Select from drop-down list
The dataset must be selected first.
Group Field Field of the selected dataset to be filtered. Y Drop-down list Select from drop-down list None
Group Value Value of the field selected in Group Field. Y Drop-down list Select from drop-down list None
Enable Filters If selected, checkboxes will appear in Information Panel for filtering of the pins. Y Checkbox Enable or disable Enabled
Column No. Defines the number of columns in the Information Panel. Y Text field Integers from 1 to 25 “3”
Items Defines the info to be displayed in the Information Panel.
If none is defined, by default all info are displayed.
N Drop-down list Select from drop-down list
(more than one can be selected)
Not selected

In the “Control” dialog box, selects “Info Filter” in the “Type” field. In the “Name” field, key in an unique name for the filter control.

Select the desired dataset in the “Dataset” field and the desired subset of the dataset in the “Subset” field. In the “Group Field” field, select the field for control. The “Group Value” field allows you to choose one of the values in the “Group Field” field as the control value.

By default, the “Enable Filters” field is selected. This will displays the checkboxes next to the info in the Information Panel for filtering purposes. If you only wish to display information but not filtering, unselect this field.

If you wish to change the number of columns in the Information Panel, change the number in the “Column No.” field.

The “Items” field allows you to define which information to be displayed in the Information Panel, as well as its order. If the “Items” field is not defined, by default all information will be displayed according to the order in the dataset. This field is useful if there are information that you do not wish to expose to the users. You can use this field to hide the information.

To define an item into the Information Panel, click on the text field and select a field from the drop-down list. To add more items, click on the “+” icon below the field and a new text field will appear. To delete an item, click on the icon next to the corresponding item. You can re-order the items by clicking on the and next to the items.