Interval Timer Filter

The Interval Timer filter control allows you to define the refresh interval of the map.

Viewer Usage

There is no selection for the Interval Timer filter control. When this filter control is added in the “Controlled By” property of the pin layer, it is always on and refreshes the map according to the interval set in this filter control. It is advisable to hide this filter control so as not to confuse the user.

Control Properties

Below are the fields for this filter control:

Field Description Mandatory Input Type Constraints Default Value
Type Selects the type of filter control. Y Drop-down list Select from drop-down list “Pin Filter”
Name Unique name of the filter control. Y Text field Any text “[New Control]”
Visibility Indicates if the control would be displayed on the explorer.
Available options:
- Always (always displays the control on the explorer, regardless of usage)
- When Used (only displays the control on a page if at least one explorer on the same page is linked to it)
- Hidden (won’t be displayed regardless of usage)
Y Drop-down list Select from drop-down list “When Used”
Units Defines the units of the interval.
Available options:
- Hours
- Minutes
- Seconds
Y Drop-down list Select from drop-down list “Seconds”
Interval Defines the interval. Y Text field Integers greater than 1 “10”