Chooser Filter


This filter control is commonly used to filter datasets based on a specific field identified in the “Filter” property. This is a single-field filter and allows multiple options to be selected when used on the Viewer. A text input field is provided that allows filtering of options. This makes the Chooser Filter suitable for string-type fields (field identified for “Filter”) with numerous options that also require multiple values to be selected at a time.

Viewer Usage

To select an option, simply click on the value. Multiple options can be selected.

There is a shortcut button that provides convenience in controlling the selected values.

Clicking on the “Deselect All” icon deselects all the options.

The user can also filter out the options using the “STARTS WITH” input text field. Enter the first few letters of the option/s to be selected.

Proceed with selecting the desired choice.

To display the rest of the available options, simply clear out the text field.

To deselect an option, simply click on the “Remove” button corresponding it.

Specific Properties

Below are the fields that are specific to this control:

Field Description Mandatory Input Type Constraints Default Value
Initial Values Determines the initial set or selected values upon loading in the Dashboard Viewer. Y Select One value can be selected. Available options are:

- None (all options are deselected)

- First (only the first displayed option is selected)

- Last (only the last displayed option is selected)

- All (all of the options are selected)

- Values (all comma-separated values entered in the field that appears below this property; spaces are allowed before and after the comma)