The Dashboards module provides data visualization and interaction through various view types and configurations. The data presented on the dashboards are based on the available datasets set up in the Datasets module. Users are able to create and manage highly customizable dashboard templates. Components such as dashboard pages, views/charts, controls/filters and more are easily added through the Dashboard Designer. Granting read-access to other users through roles and modifying other dashboard properties are easily done through the Dashboards page interface.


Below is an overview of the available features for each interface comprising the Dashboards module.

  • Dashboards

    • Add dashboard
    • Edit dashboard
    • Enable and disable dashboard
    • Add and remove roles
    • Delete dashboard
    • Refresh list
    • Upload dashboard (JSON)
    • Download dashboard (JSON)
    • Search
  • Dashboard Viewer

    • View pages
    • View interaction
    • Data filtering
    • Refresh data
    • View in presentation mode
  • Dashboard Designer

    • Manage pages
      • Add page
      • Copy page
      • Edit page
      • Add and remove roles
      • Delete page
    • Design page
      • Add view
      • Copy view
      • Edit view
      • Copy view
      • Delete view
      • Configure layout
    • Manage controls
      • Add control
      • Edit control
      • Delete control

Module Interfaces and Privileges

Interface Description Required Privilege
Dashboards Allows adding, modifying and deleting dashboards. Dashboard properties, including access rights and display names, are set here. Mandatory:

- mod-dashboards

- mod-dashboards-edit

- ownership of the dashboard (for modifying and deleting existing dashboards)
Dashboard Viewer Allows viewing and interacting with one dashboard at a time. Mandatory:

- mod-dashboard

At least one of the following:

- read access to the dashboard (at least one of the user’s roles must be granted access to the dashboard)

- ownership of the dashboard
Dashboard Designer Provides an interface for configuring dashboard templates based on available datasets. A variety of dashboard components are set here, including the pages, layout, views, interactions and filters. Mandatory:

- mod-dashboard-edit

- ownership of the dashboard