Grouped Checkbox Inject


This inject control is commonly used to pass a value in document structure to other Ambience components as a child element of $elx-etl-inject. When used on the Viewer, this has a two-tier tree structure, using another dataset field as the first-tier values to group the actual options on the second tier. Only the values on the second tier are passed as inject values, following the format below:

<Inject Field> : <array of the options selected>


educationlevel : ["Bachelors Degree", "Graduate Degree"]

This is best used if the dataset field values used as second-tier options can be grouped using another dataset field that puts the former into mutually exclusive groups (i.e. all second-tier options appear in only one first-tier option). This is suitable for string-type fields with not so many options that also require multiple values to be selected at a time.

Viewer Usage

There are two tiers on the Viewer: - root or first tier - child or second tier

Only the values on the second tier (child values) are actually being passed. An entire group of child values can be selected collectively by selecting the checkbox corresponding its respective root option.

Likewise, if a root is deselected, all of its child options are automatically deselected.

Similarly, selecting child options is also done by ticking their corresponding checkboxes. Multiple options can be selected.

Specific Properties

Below are the fields that are specific to this control:

Field Description Mandatory Input Type Constraints Default Value
Group Dataset field used to group the values of the field selected in the “Filter” property. Y Select One value can be selected. All fields of the selected dataset/subset combination. The dataset and subset (optional) must be selected first. “None”
Initial Values Determines the initial set or selected values upon loading in the Dashboard Viewer. This corresponds to the field selected for the “Filter” property. This setting is applicable only for the second-tier options. Y Select One value can be selected. Available options are:

- None (all options are deselected)

- First (only the first displayed option is selected)

- Last (only the last displayed option is selected)

- All (all of the options are selected)

- Values (all comma-separated values entered in the field that appears below this property; spaces are allowed before and after the comma)