Visualisation View

The visualisation view allows you to load a subset of the visualisation features into a view.

The following is a list of the fields in the View Properties box in the dashboard designer for visualisation view. There are some required fields to be set for each created view.

Basic Properties

The View Properties fields vary in different charts. Below are the basic properties in the View Properties box.

Field Description Mandatory
View Type Type of chart, table or view. Yes
Title Name of the view. No
Visualisation Data used for the the visualisation view. Yes

Other Properties

The other property fields are available to enhance the view. Below are the other properties in the View Properties box for the visualisation view.

Field Description Default
Show External Link If selected, display an external ink icon in the view. Selected
Margins Allows adjusting margins and padding between charts and grid. Default settings
Maximisable If selected, places a maximise button on the top right of the view (when not in edit mode).
This will maximise the view to fill the browser.
Not selected
Advanced Add a special CSS class to your view. Empty

View Usage

You can view the details of the visualisation by hovering over the view.

You can also launch the Visualisation Designer by clicking on the “Open Visualisation” icon at the upper right corner of the view.

Refer to Visualisation Designer for more details.