Simple Grid

A simple grid is a one-field grid that presents the field data with rectangular bars that allows selection. It can be presented either horizontally or vertically.

Together with Dynamic Filter Control, it is particularly useful if you wish to control other views with the field data in the simple grid.

The following is a list of the fields in the View Properties box in the dashboard designer. There are some required fields to be set for each created view.

Basic Properties

The View Properties fields vary in different charts. Below are the basic properties in the View Properties box.

Field Description Mandatory
View Type Type of chart, table or view. Yes
Title Name of the view. No
Dataset The data used for the chart, table or view. Yes
Subset Partial data from a dataset used for the chart, table or view. Yes
Field The field to be displayed in the grid. Yes
Sort Defines the field to sort the values to be displayed. No
Direction Displays the field either horizontally or vertically (default). Yes

The dataset and subset data derive from Datasets module. Choose the right chart from the View Type and data points to build a view.

Other Properties

The other property fields are available to enhance the view. Below are the other properties in the View Properties box for the simple grid.

Field Description Default
Controlled By Links dashboard controls to the view.
One or more controls can be added to affect the data displayed on the view.
Select to Control Allows a selection made in the view to set the value of a control. Other views which are dependent on that control will then update accordingly. Empty
Margins Allows adjusting margins and padding between charts and grid. Default settings
Advanced Add a special CSS class, data script and/or layout overview to the view. Empty

The values in the Simple Grid view act as radio buttons that controls the content in the other view. To unselect the value in the Simple Grid, click on the value again.