IFrame View

IFrame (Inline Frame) view allows you to embed another HTML document into the view.

The following is a list of the fields in the View Properties box in the dashboard designer for IFrame view. There are some required fields to be set for each created view.

Basic Properties

The View Properties fields vary in different charts. Below are the basic properties in the View Properties box.

Field Description Mandatory
View Type Type of chart, table or view. Yes
Title Name of the view. No
URL Link to the embed document. Yes

Other Properties

The other property fields are available to enhance the view. Below are the other properties in the View Properties box for the IFrame view.

Field Description Default
Name Name of the IFrame view. Empty
Click to Page Adds a link to another view. Empty
Click to Page Tip Adds a brief description of the link above. Empty
Margins Allows adjusting margins and padding between charts and grid. Default settings
Advanced Add a special CSS class to your view. Empty

Using URL

To add a URL into the IFrame view, simply key in the URL of the HTML document.

You can customise the HTML document to remove the header that you do not want to display in the IFrame, or to display a particular page in the URL as the inital page in the IFrame.

Remove Header

When a URL is used, the entire page of the URL is displayed. Depending on the HTML document, you may not want to display the header of the HTML document in the IFrame view, as the size of the IFrame view is small. To remove the header of the URL in the IFrame, simply add ?header=false at the end of the URL.

Set Initial Page

By default, the first page of the URL is displayed in the IFrame view. You can set to display other pages of the URL as the initial page by adding ?initialPAge=<NameOfPage> at the end of the URL.

In the example above, the IFrame view is used to display the two pages in “My Dashboard”. The “First” page (default) is displayed in the IFrame view by default when the URL of “My Dashboard” is used. To display the “Second” page as the initial page when the IFrame view is dispalyed, ?initalPage=Secomd is added the the end of the URL.

Note that any spaces in the name will be encoded as %20. Within your URL string, you should replace the special characters (including space, ampersand, etc.) yourself.