Poll Fragment Timer


This timer control is used to created fixed-interval data polling on the dashboard, specifically by reloading the datasets displayed on views in real-time or near real-time.

This is best used as a hidden control (not appearing on the control panel on the Dashboard Viewer). If set to be displayed on the control panel, it can also be used to allow read users to change the refresh interval.

Viewer Usage

There are two fields exposed when used on the Viewer: - Interval field (on the left) - Unit field (on the right)

The default values that are set for each field in the Designer are displayed. This allows read users to easily change the interval between each data polling. Changes take effect as soon as they are made. For instance, if the interval is set to one second, the linked views are re-rendered one second after the interval is set and would continue to reload new updates every second until further changes are made. However, any change done through the Viewer, like all other controls, are not saved.

Specific Properties

There is no additional property for this control. The properties of this control are all from the standard set of filter control properties.