Number Range Filter


This filter control is commonly used to filter datasets based on a specific field identified in the Filter property. This is a single-field filter that allows numeric range selection, which includes both optional lower and upper boundaries. A numeric input field is provided for each. Only records with the filter field value falling within the entered range are displayed. There is also an option to enable and disable the From and To input fields. This is suitable for numeric field types (field identified for Filter).

Viewer Usage

There are two input fields available. The From field allows input of numeric values for the lower boundary while the To field allows input of the upper boundary. The values are inclusive.

Users may also opt to make increments of 1 by clicking on the Up button and decrements of 1 by clicking on the Down button.

Negative values are allowed. The two fields also function independently from each other.

By default, the both fields are disabled. The numeric fields can be used even when their corresponding checkboxes are unselected.

Either or both of the fields can be enabled. To enable a field, select the checkbox corresponding it. To disable a field, deselect the checkbox corresponding it.

Specific Properties

There is no additional property for this control. The properties of this control are all from the standard set of filter control properties.